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Validus Medical Telehealth

Reduce Costs and Increase The Quality Of Healthcare Employees Recieve.

Validus works with two proven technologies to help your employees recieve the highest level of medical treatment in the most convenient way, resulting in better healthcare and increased employee productivity.

Validus Premier Patient Portal

Through our Premier Patient Portal, our members enroll by completing the same forms they would fill out anytime they visit a new doctor. Their medical history is now complete, secure and always available to them and their network physicians. When they need a doctor, they call or log-in to the portal, report their current ailment and request an appointment. Patients can choose to conduct the consult over the phone or through our secure video conference system.

Our Premier Patient Portal gives your employees convenient, quick access to a variety of physicians, including specialists, without sacrificing any of the quality of a traditional doctor’s appointment. It is ideal for a range of patients, especially those with limited physical mobility, young children, tight schedules or lacking reliable access to transportation.

On-Site Clinic

Using telemedicine, we deliver valuable medical services at a lower cost by leveraging a single physician resource across multiple clinics supported by advanced diagnostic equipment.

The Validus clinical visit is centered on quality and trust. Patients are greeted by a medical professional and treated by a licensed practicing physician who is often on-duty in a local hospital emergency room.

A full-time nurse or clinical assistant staffs the clinic and is responsible for greeting the patient, operating the equipment, administering basic medicine, explaining the treatment plan, processing insurance claims and collecting fees.

FDA-approved remote diagnostic equipment provides the physician with state-of-the-art capabilities and accuracy beyond what most primary care physicians use in their daily practice. This equipment is currently operating in over 700 facilities.


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Employer Benefits

Some ways that telemedicine can help your orgnization

Supplemental Benefit

Telemedicine is a supplemental benefit that should be added to every insurance plan

Reduced Cost

Much lower cost per encounter for primary care type visits

24/7 Access to U.S. Licensed Physicians

Your employees can have the flexibility to see a doctor on when they wish

Simple Billing Options

Simple and easy to understand billing options and services available to all employees