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We’ve Been Specializing In Telemedicine Since 2010

Validus Medical, PLLC is a professional medical practice dedicated to providing best-in-class telemedicine services to meet the healthcare needs of its patients.  Validus Medical, unlike most other telemedicine companies, is owned and operated solely by licensed, dedicated, and trained physicians. This alone allows Validus Medical’s patients to receive the very best healthcare treatment since they know they are being cared for by actual licensed physicians, as opposed to nonmedical personnel.

When caring for patients, Validus Medical uses industry-leading and cutting-edge technologies. We provide our physicians with state of the art video consultation platforms. These HIPAA compliant video platforms are not only easy to use but also stand-alone, so they do not interfere with any of the many patient portals that Validus Medical interfaces with.

Validus Medical also has sophisticated technology that allows physicians to examine patients with virtual stethoscopes, otoscopes, and ophthalmoscopes in certain patient settings such as on-site clinics. This technology provides more accessible healthcare treatment options to patients where medical access is limited throughout the country.

Validus Medical makes treating patients easier for physicians. Physicians simply log on to their portal and patients’ medical information is readily accessible.  With the information right in front of them, physicians simply access patients through the video platform and perform their medical consultations.

There are areas in this country where patients have difficulty accessing healthcare. Patients who live in these areas where medical access is difficult have to wait to receive health care. Validus Medical solves this problem for these patients by providing virtual healthcare examinations and treatment. The term Validus means strength in Latin.  Validus Medical brings strength to both physicians and patients in medical care through innovative and industry-leading technologies.


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Some facts about Validus Medical

Run By Medical Personnel

Validus Medical is owned and operated by licensed physicians

State Of The Art Technology

HIPAA compliant video consltation platforms that are easy to use

Easy To Use Portal for Physicians

Simply log on and access patients through the video platform and perform consultations